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Buying virginity allows you not only to spend the hottest night with a gorgeous virgin girl, but also gives you the possibility for further romantic relationship. Just imagine how awesome it would be to spend time with a young, attractive and innocent girl. Every mans fantasy. Read a few reviews from our satisfied clients.

Hello to everyone who reads this, I found out about this agency from my business partner. At first he was hesitant talking about it but excitement didn’t allow him to keep it just for him self. I can not begin to tell you the unforgettable adventure you will experience wile being hosted by Elite VIP companions, professional and honest service is the first thing you’ll notice. I became a sugar daddy to the girl I was with that special night. We talk on the daily basis and I can not wait to go back.


Los Angeles

Since I found the agency I used their services three times so far, every time it gets better and better. They always treat me like family and at the highest level of my expectations. Everything is professionally arranged from business class flights to 5 star hotels and dining. As far as the ladies... I’m speechless. Awesome service Elite VIP companions!!!!


New York

Just few words about Elite VIP companions, outstanding service, quick meeting arrangements, beautiful girls, trust worthy. The girl was a sweetheart. I’m looking to set up another meeting before the end of the year. By far the best 200K I spent in s long time, definitely worth the experience.


New York

I have been dreaming about spending a night with a virgin for a very long time. When I found out about the agency, I decided to make my dream come true and I contacted Elite VIP companions. The meeting was quickly arranged and I was able to choose a gorgeous girl that I will never forget. Moreover, the girl was medically examined by the doctor. Everything went perfectly well, unforgivable night.


Washington D.C.

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